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Security for Our Debit Card Customers

Debit and credit cards are in the news. The Target security breach has resulted in a new wave of reports, often including “man on the street” interviews that, understandably, trigger anxiety for card holders.

If you are a Landmark Bank debit card user, however, you shouldn’t worry. Even when card data is stolen from a retailer, you bear no liability for losses from any resulting fraud. By maintaining simple vigilance on your account, you can be confident that, even if the bad guys succeed, your money is safe. Also, the kind of data that is used for identity theft, such as a social security number, is not associated with our debit cards, so their use is not likely to contribute to identify theft.

When necessary, getting a card replaced is a simple matter as well. By replacing the old card with a new one, the source of the fraud is cut off without closing accounts or requiring any special effort on your part.

You can always choose to pay with cash or checks, but the most convenient and safest method is with a Landmark Bank debit card. You are protected against loss, you are protected from payment for goods not received, and you automatically have a record of your payment. In addition, it is one of the most convenient ways to pay yet devised.

When you understand all the facts, it is a simple decision.

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