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Statement of Condition

Kevin Gibbens

At Landmark Bank, we practice conservative, traditional banking. We safeguard your deposits, and we make responsible loans at fair rates. It is a formula that has worked for us since our bank opened in 1865. It is also the kind of banking that provides the safest, most secure place for your money.

We are proud of the service and security we provide to the communities we serve, and are happy to offer you a copy of our balance sheet and income statement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We’re here for you.

We have watched the nation’s economic ups and downs since 1865. From the reconstruction through the depression, through challenge and prosperity, we have managed for the long term.

Performance Ratios YTD
June 2016
Net Interest Margin 3.91%
Return on Assets 1.15%
Return on Equity 13.83%
Total Risk-based Capital 13.60%

Steady, stable growth
We have carefully grown our bank through local deposits and responsible local lending. It is a conservative approach and it has kept us strong and secure for almost 150 years.

The foundation of our business sits on the strong relationships we have built. Our bankers are fiercely loyal to their customers and always available for a face to face meeting. The confidence our customers have in Landmark Bank grows from this loyalty, and is the key to successful community banking.

Local, involved family ownership
The Landrum family has been building their banking organization for four generations. Their steady leadership, along with strong local directors and shareholders, means Landmark Bank reacts firmly and appropriately as local economic conditions warrant.

Our numbers
We are considered “well capitalized” as defined by national banking regulators.

Income Statement June 2016 YTD
Total interest income $ 46,151,012
Total interest expense 3,745,481
Net interest income before provision 42,405,531
Provision for Losses 1,084,948
Net interest income after provision 41,320,583
Total non-interest income 17,177,613
Total non-interest expense 40,650,622
Income before income taxes and extraordinary items and other adjustments 17,847,575
Applicable income taxes 3,509,960
Net income 14,337,615


Summary Balance Sheet -
Statement of Condition
January 1 - 
June 30, 2016
Cash & Due From Banks $ 45,264,103
Investment Securities 856,732,163
Temporary Investments 18,178,758
Net Loans & Leases 1,466,732,651
Other Assets 123,042,877
Total Assets 2,509,950,552
Deposits 2,132,190,273
Borrowings 118,935,945
Other Liabilities 30,096,329
Total Liabilities 2,281,222,547
Total Capital 228,278,005
Total Liabilities + Capital 2,509,950,552
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Equal Housing Lender

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