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Some things in life are just better...and when it comes to banking in Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma, it’s your local Landmark Bank.

We Do the Work

Whether you’re new in town or you’re ready to make the switch from a bank that just doesn’t meet your needs, Landmark Bank consistently provides the level of service, expertise and community that you need in a bank to carry you through whatever life throws your way.

With Landmark Bank, switching banks is easy. And most importantly, it’s free.

Why You Should Switch

  1. Online Banking Highly secure online banking that allows you to easily make transfers, pay your bills, check your balances and stay on top of your Checking and Savings accounts.
  2. Mobile Banking Have your banking available right at your fingertips. With Landmark Bank’s Mobile Banking app, your information is secure and accessible, ready for you wherever you might be.
  3. ATM Locations Plentiful and convenient, you’ll gain access to the Landmark Bank ATM network, and hundreds of other banks’ networks. Get cash when you need it, without a hassle. 
  4. Checking Account Options Earn interest, protect yourself from overdraft fees and enjoy free checks when you switch to Landmark Bank. Pick from one of our five checking account options to find the perfect checking account for you.

How to Switch Banks to Landmark Bank

Setting up a bank account with Landmark Bank is easy. Our bankers are ready to easily and quickly help you switch your checking, savings and investment accounts from another bank to Landmark Bank. We’ll assist you with transferring direct deposits, setting up online and mobile banking, understanding your new account terms and ensuring that everything transfers smoothly and effectively. We’ll even provide you with a checklist to help you work with your old bank to make the transition even easier.

Checklist for Switching Banks

While you may already know you need to switch banks, many are left with the nagging question of “How do I switch banks?” Luckily, setting up a bank account, loan or credit card through Landmark Bank and switching over your assets is simple and straightforward. We’ve even provided a checklist so that you don’t forget any of the crucial steps:

Open your new Landmark Bank account. Choose from a variety of checking account options, interest-bearing savings accounts, and even home, auto or personal loans.

Learn about the features of your new account. Online Banking and Bill Pay have the potential to save you a lot of time and bring a lot of convenience back to your banking. We can help you set up your accounts and learn how best to use them. You can also download our mobile app to help you keep tabs on your accounts on the go.

Identify your monthly expenses that are set up as automatic withdrawals from your current bank account & switch the account information over to your new Landmark Bank account.

Switch your direct deposits and redirect your income to the new account. This may take some time, so work with the various sources of your income to establish how long their process will take. Don't forget these popular sources of income: Social Security Benefits, Pension & Annuity income, Investment Earnings & Systematic Payments.

Close your old account. Enjoy convenient ATMs with no added fees, personable and local service and technologically savvy banking at Landmark Bank!


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