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Devil's Den Tishomingo, Oklahoma
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Company History

In the early 1900s, an enterprising businessman, Marquis Lafayette Landrum, purchased a bank in Mountain View, Missouri, beginning a more than 100-year journey to what is known today as Landmark Bank. Landrum’s sons, Carl and Roy, soon followed in his footsteps and the family has continued to grow the business by opening new locations and purchasing banks in Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri.

In 1972, Marquis C. Landrum, Carl’s son, began his legacy of managing the family’s banks. Under his direction, the growth of the banks in all three regions was tremendous. By the 1990’s, it was clear that aligning the banks’ resources under one bank holding company would be more efficient for taking advantage of growth opportunities, and The Landrum Company was born. Over the next decade, several of the community bank charters were merged and, by 2004, the Landrum Company holdings consisted of three banks, located in central Missouri, southern Missouri, and Texoma (southern Oklahoma and northern Texas).

These three Landrum Company banks were combined as Landmark Bank under the oldest (dated 1865) charter in April 2009, marking a landmark moment in the company’s history.

Today, the fourth generations of the Landrum family are continuing the tradition of local banking in 28 communities across three states.

The chart below illustrates the history of Landmark Bank:

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