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Art Collection

As a locally owned bank we understand the importance of making art available to everyone in the community. The bank’s art collection treats visitors to the best of local and regional artists as well as art created by internationally celebrated artists. The collection showcases a vibrant and unique mix of paintings, ceramics, glass, and fiber art - accessible to the community on a daily basis.

For many years the bank has supported and will continue to provide resources to local museum and gallery exhibitions, educational programs at local schools, musical and theatre performances, and art publications – all in the interest of promoting knowledge of the arts, encouraging cultural development, and attracting visitors to our community.

Art is vital to the cultural and economic well being of our community. Art touches our lives and expands our horizons. Investing in the artistic health of our community translates into a town that people want to live in, work in, and visit often. We believe that's a good investment.
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